Ikano Bank

Our story

Our history

Our heritage begins in a region of southern Sweden known for its harsh unproductive land, but defined by the hard working and innovative people living there.

It was here on a small farm in 1943 that Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA. Initially selling matchsticks and fountain pens, he grew the company to become an internationally successful retailer.

In 1956 Ikano AB was created to manage all non-furniture related aspects of IKEA’s business and in 1988 Ikano separated from IKEA to become an independent set of companies, wholly owned by the Kamprad family.

The Ikano Group today

Today the Ikano Group owns and develops competitive and profitable niche companies in the areas of finance, real estate, asset management, insurance and retail.

Ikano's strength is distinguished by working together to create long-term solutions based on fair terms that brings value to our customers, partners and to ourselves.

The Ikano Group operates in Europe and Asia. The Ikano Group head office is located in Luxembourg. For more information, visit our group website.

Our UK business is based in Nottingham and was established in 1994. Since then, we have experienced rapid growth in both our client and product portfolios.

Our promise: On fair terms

At Ikano we ask ourselves: "Is this on fair terms?" We constantly review our solutions and our way of working with customers, partners and co-workers. The reason for this is that we are in business for the long run and we seek long-lasting relationships.

Being on fair terms is essential for building strong relationships, creating value and growing a business. We live the promise – on fair terms – because we know that the quality and reputation of a company is determined by the promise made and the promise kept.

We act for a sustainable future, taking responsibility for the economic, social and environmental aspects related to our businesses.

Our values

Three basic values guide all Ikano businesses: common sense and simplicity, working together and daring to be different. These values support our promise: on fair terms.

We believe that no method is more effective than setting a good example. Living our values is how we make a difference.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1988
Owner: The Kamprad Family
Finance business volume: 5.7 billion Euro
Real Estate market value property: 1.8 billion Euro
Insurance gross premiums written: 107 million Euro
Retail Asia turnover: 431 million Euro
No. of employees: 3700 people