A simpler Britain

Exploring simplicity in our everyday lives


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Do you value simplicity?

With our Swedish heritage we were keen to understand what the UK public think about simplicity in their everyday lives: the result is “A simpler Britain”

What’s clear is that people like it when things are kept as simple as possible. If things are kept simple they can get on with living their lives.

Ikano Bank and The School of Life have teamed up to explore simplicity in our everyday lives.

The results have told us that we’re putting off life decisions because they seem overcomplicated;

20% of us are putting off planning for retirement

25% of young people are putting off looking for a job

34% of the UK population are so worried about complicated life decisions that they are losing sleep!

To see all of the findings:

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Why is this important to us?

One of core values is common sense and simplicity and in 2016 we are launching simple loans and savings. So we wanted to listen to UK consumers on their thoughts on simplicity.


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